keep smiling!!

keep smiling!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

It was 2nd november 2010...and i was walking towards my home after a very hectic day..i was travelling down from where the college bus had dropped me..i was feeling very lazy and sad due to some things which happened throughout the was nt at all a nice day for its usually happens to be....
Well,while walking...i was just recollecting all things happened in college and worrying about the assignments which i had to complete in the vacations...ya..from the next day we were going to have 5 days holidays for was a news to feel happy ...but still i didnt have a smile on my face since morning..i was badly feets moved slowly as if i was tortured to walk towards my home!!!!

Finally,the lane which ends to my sweet home appeared and i was about to take it when i say a boy riding the silvered coloured scooty with a small cute girl who was standing in the front space of it...they went into a shop which is on the front road of my home.The boy had probably seen me when i was looking at that cute little girl..but i ignored and stepped forward towards my home..

I was crawling dull and lethargic like i had dug a huge mountain that day...and suddenly a sweet innocent voice suprised me as i heard the words flowing softly into my ears...."Hello!!!! hw r u???"she asked vry cutely...i just had a look towards her...the same girl i was looking was a pleasure looking at her...and finally i smiled ....a really big smile i ever had...i even laughed forgetting all my tensions and drowsiness... the boy was looking at me laughing while he turned the scooty towards the opposite road where i was moving..i continued to smile and look at both of them....he turned his face twice as he left me on the other road...i smiled and smiled...feeling something really nice..i was a little afraid when he turned his face back while riding the scooty....i too was looking towards him... ..den finally he speeded up the vehicle and disappeared from my sight.....i wanted to say something that i dont know what but still...thats something nice..the two glowy sweet faces which i have never seen before...

I was still smiling (sounds vry stupid!!) moving with energy..reminding what happened in past few mins..i kept walking and reached home..
As i entered my father was at the door.. he asked surprisingly..."kya hua??? itna kyu muskura rhi hai aaj??"......and I ...I was thinking "Ohhh!!! Am I smiling!!! till now?? what to answer??"
And suddenly i replied soo stupidly "Papa!!Wooo..Actually kal se diwali vacations hai to khushi ho rahi hai!!!"
Ooops !! Hahahahahah!!!what a reason i have given!!! even papa got a strange expression..and if he could ask further i went straight towards my room telling "Mujhe bahut bhookh lagi hai" ..and shouted ".Maaa..kya banaya hai apne khane me??"
I kept my bag on the bed and have a look into the mirror..i was looking tired with a smile on my face....and thats something which i am not going to forget throughout my life..I thanked silently the two unknowns..and also my lord..for the smiling gift....
Soo have a pleasure in making someone smile and also keep smiling too that others can smile looking at ur smiling “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” :) :)

Gunjan.... :)